Yesterday I bought something from SAMPAR, after spending more than 15 minutes what a Rp.150.000 voucher can do and since I have no idea of the brand, quality and what their specialty, I decided to buy the cheapest one. Prodigal Pen that cost around Rp.235.000, I just top up Rp.85.000.

A bit information about SAMPAR that I found on their website:

A unique combination, benefiting from the best of the past and the essentials of today, blending aromatherapy and high technology, SAMPAR is an irrefutable response to the modern woman’s requirements for instant beauty.

Designed to work with surgical precision at the very heart of the cells, SAMPAR research selects cutting-edge ingredients with proven effectiveness, used at their maximum concentration to produce instant gratification and long lasting results.

Each SAMPAR product is specifically designed composed and clinically tested incorporating a new generation of high tech active ingredients. Combining the resurfacing qualities of AHA’s and vitamins acid with the rejuvenating properties of bio-peptides and hyaluronic acid produces a unique approach to skin treatment. In addition, the exclusively designed anti-oxidant shield, the Urban Advance Complex, neutralizes the negative effects of pollution on the skin.

Efficiency, luxury and sensual indulgence… all fundamental elements of the SAMPAR brand and philosophy.

What is a Prodigal Pen?

A smart, rollerball applicator dispenses eight essential oils that zap zits quickly and effectively. Plus, the compact size (2.5 inches) is totally portable, allowing ease of use – anytime, anywhere.

My review:

The unique scents is like refreshing and filled with essential oils, a bit chilling feeling on the skin and a (tiny) bit sting too. I applied it on my 2 acnes that suddenly just appeared out of nowhere last night. Like a pre-volcanic shape that just become a hill. I hate acne, they are a bothersome and can be quite tricky. So, I said to myself, why not give this Prodigal Pen a chance. After cleaning the area, I rolled in. This morning I wake up checking my zit . . . where are they? The size is reducing by far, if last night is 70% about to erupt, today they are 20% about to erupt. It really work!
I think it is one of the must try items of SAMPAR, pay them a visit at Grand Indonesia and ask the friendly staff, they will recommend you a perfect product according to your skin need, they insist on it. But unfortunately, not all the staffs are kind, friendly and full of smile, one of them (1/3) seems in a really crappy mood and she obviously let the customer see it.

WARNING about the product: You’ll easily get addicted to it!