Here’s what I found in

A gentle exfoliating scrub that removes dead skin cells whilst invigorating. Leaves your skin feeling soft, smooth and better prepared to absorb moisture, plus it’s subtly scented with our tantalising Wild Cherry fragrance.

The minute I open the packaging it was va va voom with a delicious wild cherry scents, the beads for scrubbing looks big but feels gentle on the skin. Really can’t get enough of the wild cherries juiciness, from the vivid red color to the amazing aroma, it felt wonderful. Do pampers yourself once in a while to rejuvenate your body and mind.  For me I can use it as often or less as I like.

Another tips from The Body Shop

To enhance the Wild Cherry fragrance and the pampering experience, first, cleanse skin in the bath or shower using Wild Cherry Shower Gel or Wild Cherry Soap. Then rid skin of dead skin cells using our Wild Cherry Body Scrub. When dry, apply Wild Cherry Puree Body Lotion or Wild Cherry Body Butter to help seal in the moisture.