Hi again ^_^ , sorry for the small photo, just click on it to see it better.

I went there again earlier today and after experiencing an excellent experience at One Piece Hair Studio I have the urge to share it with my family. Yes in about 6 months in the future me and my sis will make an appointment with Kevin to do a 3D hair cut, but my bro need an immediate help for his scalp problem. 
So today I signed him up for a scalp treatment, unfortunately Dennis and Kevin are busy (next time do make an appointment). So he was with someone else, due to personal issue (as in permission) there’s will be no pic’s of my bro here ^o^ sorry.
This is what he says to me regarding the experience:
1. He wish he is handled by the cute female staff instead of male
2. The massage by the staff on his body is way to strong (but I found the staff blameless since my bro didn’t say a thing against it on the spot)
3. The shampoo is really cold
4. He really like the result, his scalp feels so clean (his problem is dandruff), light and fresh to the max
5. Now, like 8 hours after the treatment his scalp still feels so fresh and light, yes, he thank me a lot for giving him this treatment (something he rarely do) so he really must love the scalp treatment by One Piece Hair Studio.

Proven: One Piece Hair Studio is loved by male and female ^_^

Some more info that I get from the friendly front staff (next time I’ll ask her name), I’m really keen of the treatment and she recommend Japanese or Crystal Treatment since Treatment (Rp. 200.000) only for virgin hair (never been dye or any chemical process).