Recently in the market these overnight treatment for hairs are booming. Just like the skin need night cream, so does the hair, especially broken hairs.

On the packaging Dove claim to know the hair problems and night is the right time to tackle the problem by using an overnight treatment.

The problem is, they say to use on damp hair, the problem is, my hair never damp at night time. So I just spray my hair using facial spritz, or just spray with a bit of plain water using a mist sprayer

Let see whether it will be able to penetrate that deep, or even deep enough with no stickiness outside, I just hate limp hair and sleeping with an oily and limp hair is a nightmare for me.

So I use accordingly 2-4 pumps, the white cream feels, look and smell exactly like Dove Conditioner. It does penetrate easily on the hair, I kept them away from my scalp but overnight I can’t stand the overwhelming scents, Dove, if you read this, please do reduce the scent on Overnight Treatment, except if you change it into lavender to induce sleeping mode ^_^

I also use it as my pre-wash treatment like an hour or two before shampooing, it made my hair soft to the touch too and this is good if you can’t do it overnight.