Yesterday I went to Sunsilk Hair Studio, they certainly have amazing view here. Everything is decorated to fit Grand Indonesia.

They have two sides of Studio here, one is the photo booth while the other is the hair saloon

You can take a pic here for free when u’re done

This is the other side. Saloon.


First you do a scalp and hair check up, neat!

From this I know my scalp is oily and the end of hairs is dry

Hair wash time using the type of shampoo my hair need, clean and fresh.

Here is the treatments and things you can have here including the price list. With my voucher from Sunsilk I can choose anything in here, I choose creambath since I think I need a treatment more than anything else.

Since Sunsilk didn’t carry any creambath cream, they use normal creambath that you can find in any saloon, the massaging is too hard for me (I did told him to slow down) and really lack of cream. My hair felt really dry but he insisted it was enough. Clearly not my kind of creambath. Do you see the blue tube, it was remain 3/4 full and he refused to add just even a dab. Then a warm-cold towel is placed followed by a painful hand massage. I told myself it’s just not my day -_-

Then after the rinse (which also not a relaxing and fun experience) tonic and serum is placed accordingly.

An amazing display of Sunsilk’s products

And I’m happy to be done with it.

I did take a pic and bring the result home plus a bottle of Sunsilk for free.

Btw, I bring my sis along, according to her the experience there is not that bad, she quite enjoy it like 7 out of 10, so perhaps the experience is personal. If you want to try the experience yourself, hurry! Since it is only open until the end of July.