Today I went on and try the sample that have been on my dressing for months. Sekkisei Supreme Make Up Base SPF 25/PA++, here’s the details on the product found on the website:

Make-up base that conditions your skin with moisture boosting benefits like a beauty serum while brightening your skin.

Product Description:

The emollient ingredient effectively wraps the moisturizing ingredient forming a film which prevents moisture loss from skin and keep it supple.

Like BB cream, it evens out skin tone and gives bright and clear translucency. Multi-purpose make-up base that covers pores making them less visible.

Hexagonal Powder promotes a smooth touch and exhibits excellent affinity with skin which creates ultra-fine veil.

A non-greasy after-feel allows make-up to go on smooth and lasting.

Blocks UV-rays and prevents freckles and dark spots caused by the sun with SPF25/PA++. Refreshing Oriental herb fragrance.

Wow this tiny pack contain a lot of wonderful stuff, so I cleaned my face and use toner, serum and my fave moisturizer, so it is ready for the make up base

View from front

View from back 0.6 ml

When I opened the sachet the first thing that comes to my mind is how vivid the color is, I kinda doubt whether it will fit my skin tone. The scent is mild and refreshing, you wont notice the scent after 5-10 minutes. The texture is soft liquidy.

I dab it on many different spots including my front neck

Then blend them in. Again, still feels the tone is too vivid, wondering and kept wondering while my hand keep spreading them over

But after it all spread well the color do blend in and easily adjust to my skin tone. My complexion become even, brighter and love the luminous soft glow. It feels and look a lot healthier and alive. It have a soft powdery feeling on the skin after it dries up and ready for the next step. Use foundation for a more glamor look or powder for natural make up. Either both Sekkisei Supreme Make Up Base have your skin covered ^_^ My make up last for 8 hours and still going on, I don’t do touch up. I love the fact that it covers my pores and covers everything that need to be hidden yet still feels light.

Definitely a must have!