Today I was lucky enough to be able to meet some of the leading ladies behind Fimela.com. So around 1 PM, I waited for them whilst having the privilege to sit on the famous sofa that are known to be comfy by famous people interviewed here. 

On my left side lies the front door that leads to the office area. I think I come on lunch hour since most of them are out. 

On my right side they have some artifacts that interest me and across the glass window is Social House. Yes, Fimela.com is located at Grand Indonesia Shopping Town Level One. 

I was served with water and books ^o^ Best of O is under there.  I’m reading Oprah!

The famous couch, Ooh! It should be called the green couch (as in the green room).

Ms. Dien and me.

Ms.Nuniek and me

We have a brief chat and most of it related to skincare and how I kinda (slightly, a bit, merely) push them to have more care for skincare, ha ha! I just realized how skincare junkie I have been. Oh well, I hope we can meet again and have more chats on beauty products.

What I expect to happen? Involve more with Fimela.com since they are an online magazine for fashion and lifestyle that fit modern woman nowadays where they support high mobility. So everywhere you go as long you are connected online you can easily access Fimela.com and get the juice out of it.