>3 main things I’m going to review here:
1. The service:
It is bad, really bad. We went on Thursday night, so it’s not weekend nor weekend night, the next day also not a public holiday not that day. But they are so busy that day. Many chairs are empty on the Teppanyaki side but somehow the staff focus on the sushi area. None seems to care that some customer only prefer the Teppanyaki until we ask several staff and finally got a seat (that clearly have been empty since 30 minutes ago. We are also ignored numerous time when we want to order, the staff forget our drinks, my child’s utensils set, and our our bills.

2. The food:
Au contraire to the bad service we did enjoy our meal there. The Kimchi pot is so good, warm and deliecious to the tummy too. I love how the beef are so soft and tender, the veggies absorb all the flavors and the soup is just yumms. My sis order also ended up enjoyed by all of us, the oyster is just so good, soft, flavorful and it is a true delicacy for us. My husband’s seafood was enjoyable but not as delicious as the other 2 menus. We also noticed they have a new menu now, and it is indeed shown their creativity and improving Singapore pallet.

3. The hygiene:
3 out of 5 star is given since a few of the utensils have marks of previous meal. Fly also flying around inside the restaurant and please, don’t let me speak about the floor.