I recommend all of you, especially come from abroad to read their site and get as much info as you need. From map, how to get there, pricing (since differ from day to age of visitor), condition, food menus, weather, first aid location and many more (depends on your needs). Things you don’t have to worry about is toilet since they have it on each section and each restroom got plenty of cubicles (like really a lot) so no queuing necessary to clear your bladder or that other one (or 2).

Buy tickets in advance since they have maximum visitor each day, so when the tickets are sold out whether you are flying from other part of the world you still can’t get in.
May I say that even thou’ from the space point of view Universal Studio in Singapore considered small but from the aspect of decorations and details is really beautiful. I love how they make each theme (Far Far Away, Madagascar, Hollywood, Ancient Egypt, Sci-Fi City, and New York) so real and wonderfully made. They put so much effort to make Universal Studio Singapore a world class theme park.

Not all the rides are suitable for children, you have to be above 122 cm to be able to enjoy ALL the ride. Some kids above 92 cm can still enjoy Canopy Flyer and Enchanted Airways. Don’t get me wrong most of the rides is suitable for person with any heights, but I can not deny that the cool and exciting rides are the one that need minimum rides. The best rides for me is Revenge of The Mummy, it so thrilling because I never can guess what will happen next. Too bad the rides ended so fast (another space limit perhaps).

Don’t forget if you bring a child that unable to join you on the ride ask the staff for a child swap, so one parent will be with the child and they can enjoy fast lane when the other parent’s chance to go.

Many of the rides are a ‘sightseeing’ ride, suitable to soothe a child. Just sit down and enjoy the ride. Don’t forget to bring or buy a lot of drinks before joining any queue. 1 queue can be as long as 1 hour, many kids are cranky since Singapore itself is very hot and humid. Some queuing lines doesn’t have shelters so bring umbrella, hats/caps and sunblock, if you have a portable mini air conditioner that would be lovely.

Besides rides they also have many shows, merchandise shops and attractions. The shows are fun but do check out the timings since they are not having shows every time and change seasonally. The shops are…..bad…really bad. Not many choice available, but if you are looking for the best shop there I think is Fairy Godmother’s Potion Shops. They have shirts that collectible and worth wearing. The candies are a real disappointment, I don’t think they are originally made and don’t have Universal Studio brand on them, no different than any mall in Singapore. Sorry to compare but in Disneyland all products sold are Disney’s. A box of cookie with Mickey’s face is a real treat for Disney lover, Universal Studio Singapore should make like Shrek cookies or Donkey chocolate.

Here are some collectibles that I don’t mind at all spend my money on them. The fan with cold water sprayed is the best thing on a hot day. The Lost World Dino drinks (filled with cola), and that cute potion bottle. Suggestion: Made more stuff like this. This is a genuine theme park lover talking to you. More variation and more of them. This is what theme park is all about. For you who are tired, look at this gal, she just sleep there doesn’t care that other people pay 66$ (weekdays) and want to take pictures here, I guess this place is really comfortable for here, so she can brag to everyone that she did sleep on Hollywood before.

Most of the food here is fast food. We bought this fried chicken at Goldilocks. They are yummy. Too bad we didn’t get a chance to eat at Friar’s, they have potato chips you can “season it yourself”. They also have Asian food at Madagascar that sells South East Asian food like Thai’s. Discovery Food Court sell Singapore ‘must try’ food. In New York, there’s a place that sells steak and pizza. We have our dinner at Mel’s Drive In, it was okay but I wish we try Oasis Spice Cafe where they sell buffet of Mediterranean, Turkish, Lebanese and Indian food.

Another big bummer when we went there Battlestar are closed :(. So maybe next time I can take the rides and go weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!