>Going to Plaza Singapura yesterday with my sis, thinking of having a comfort food at Hot Tomato and got completely disappoint.

I order a beef stew for 8.90 and my sis order half chicken roasted with rosemary. My sis did enjoyed her food completely, with all the abundance of the meal. We also have the meal on set (add another 2.90$ for drink, soup with a garlic bread).

The beef stew was really bad for me. Old Chang Kee beef stew is a lot better, thicker, juicier. Yes, Hot Tomato gave more chunk of beef but they really hard to chew and I choose the order to come with a rice. Sadly, I forgot to mention a warm steam rice, because they serve me a cold hard rice that really difficult to chew nonetheless swallow. Rice is basic lah, a restaurant should have know how to properly cook and or serve one.

Well anyway, after try to hold on to the unforgiving smoke from another stall stand quite near to our seat, finally we finished the meal and went out and the air is unbelievably so fresh au contraire with the air in the Hot Tomato area….this must be a feeling of a tomato being smoked…HOT!