>The thing about friends is many people said the one that connect with your hobbies, interest or same habits. But for me it’s the one that keep me on the ground and on my feet. The one that no matter what happen they always there, not in physical body most of the time but as far as an sms or instant messenger away. My best friends and I is separated in countries and even time but somehow we manage to know that she will always be there and I will always be there for her too.

One of them is pursuing her degree in Pediatric in Philippines, a very strong woman that doesn’t even realize how amazing her impact is in her friends life, or anyone near her. She always positive and naturally generous person. Her life sometimes hits rock bottom, not even once I recon it was her mistake, things just happen, but miraculously she always able to stand up again and beat all the odds.

Another one is a new mother that so busy juggling with her new married life and her work. I never told her about how proud I am being her friend. She is so independent, I can see, she is the strong pillar in her family, she kept them going on. She is the only one in my circle friends that never have those crazy wild moments in life.

Both of them are not rich but they always so generous to those surround them. We share our food and all our warmth together. I will always recall those joyful times when we was staying at my house or booked a room in a nice hotel. We play pranks and laugh our heart out. That will be moments that I’ll always cherish, and wait for in our next gathering.

I know for sure that friendship aren’t made during easy times, but when tears drop and the air feels to tight to breath and you need someone else to break those rope of problem just so we can stand again and deal with it. Having friends doesn’t meant your problem will go away, it will still be there, but true friends will give you strength to carry on.