>I would definitely go to New South Wales for Sydney is known as a cosmopolitan city that still breeze with a carefree life. The places I really want to go is plentiful and the food is well-known for it’s international selection, Anthony Bourdain once said in his show at Discovery Travel and Living that dining here would never be a problem (or something more than that).

First arrive in Sydney I would start my day by checking in all the baggage at the hotel, and if it’s in the afternoon than it is perfect to start walking at the Darling Harbour, to enjoy a beautiful sunset, maybe dining at the Opera Bar and end the night after visiting the Opera House.

The next day I will go to Crown Street’s Bird Cow Fish for it’s well known breakfast and get back to find local markets that sell local products, for me eat and shop like locals is the best treasure I could find during my travel experience, I will try to find it along my way to the Sydney Harbour National Park. I bet it will take me one whole day to explore the area. Probably will have to stay at hotels in the area before get back to the city tomorrow.

The next day I’m planning to go to Sydney Aquarium and Bondi beach after that back to the city to enjoy some of Sydney’s famous nightlife.

Forth day gotta be shopping day for me, I want to buy:

  • Gaia, a famous brand for babies that deliver natural goodness.
  • Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Oil, this stuff really works like wonder, bug or insect bite, acne, or minor cuts are a small problem now. Australian Tea Tree oil is really well known for its quality. And it’s remind me of…
  • Paul Mitchell tea tree oil shampoo.
  • and try to find precious gems like pearls from the South Sea or maybe pink diamonds…hmm…
  • Aboriginal art and collectibles.
  • Lots of other Australian made product that I can grab on… (probably need more suitcase).

At night I will eat at Victorian Street and enjoy what Sydney have to offer at night time for a street food lover like me.

Fifth day I would start wondering around to find Australian Museums and after that I really love to spent some time at the Spencers Creek if the time persist I would like to stay there for a couple days and just enjoy the nature before going back home.

I know that my whole journey seems so ambitious but I like to keep in mind that before traveling, try to plan everything and for the outcome and realization it is up to the situation later on, but at least I already do my homework so my trip will be fruitful. Generally I like to try every side of Australia from the point of view of New South Wales.